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Why use aur-search ?

It’s fast small, easy and powerful.

Example, you want to display all the packages containing neko

aur-search neko

You want to excludes the ones containing cat

aur-search neko ~cat

You are a cat lover and you want to display packages containing neko and cat

aur-search neko cat

You want to display all packages with sdl in name and library in description but without mingw32 or lib32. Oh yes, you don’t want outdated packages.

aur-search -p -n sdl library ~mingw32 ~lib32

Need help ?



aur-search --help

how does it work ?

The first term is use for the query to AUR search. So don’t prefixe it with an exclude char ~, otherwise ~term will be query. The other terms are used in description if you don’t use ~. If you want to exclude a term, the filter will apply to the name and the description of a package. If you don’t want it, you won’t have it.